Reggie, our chief furry officer, loves Happy Clients!

"I have utilized Chuck’s services for many years and have made several worry-free purchases with his guidance and expertise. Chuck’s automotive industry experience mixed with a no pressure, professional, and caring approach make car buying a pleasant experience. If you lease vehicles, DO NOT turn your vehicle in at the end of the lease until you talk to Chuck. There are multiple options available and ways to make money on a lease and Chuck knows all the tricks. If you need a vehicle… Chuck!" - Doug

" Chuck helped my husband and I immensely when leasing our SUV. He was so professional, forthright, and highly educated and experienced in his trade. He ended up getting us a deal that was nearly unheard of, with all of the bells and whistles! His negotiation skills are second to none and all of the guys at the dealership told us what a pleasure it was working with him. The guy we were working with even told us that he learned a ton from Chuck! He ended up saving us over $5000– and this was on a lease! I can only imagine what he could do if we were purchasing a car. I would highly recommend Chuck and his services." - Eliza

" I think I speak for most people when I say I hate having to purchase a vehicle and I'd rather watch paint dry than to go through this painful process. I'm skeptical of the sales person, the dealership, the entire process only to feel that in the end I'm still getting taken advantage of, misled or not quite told the entire truth about the transaction. Thanks goodness for Chuck and his service! I've known Chuck for over 45 years. Not only is he a dear friend but he takes care of all our personal and business vehicles. He makes the process incredibly easy, he know the ins and outs of the convoluted dealership 'fine print', always saves us money and bottom line he looks out for our best interest. I'd recommend Chuck for all your vehicle purchases. I can almost promise you if you use Chuck once you'll never buy another vehicle without him. " - Steve

"Well after I totaled my car I really didn’t know where to begin. I certainly hadn’t planned on switching cars at this time. I then remembered Chuck Morton. Having met Chuck several months ago networking. I had heard his elevator pitch and thought maybe someday I might talk to him about what he does. Well needless to say that time came much earlier than anticipated. Do to the fact I totaled my car. I contacted him and was very impressed by his concern for my well being first and foremost. Then started to ask things like what I might like as a replacement vehicle. Then used or new, about what monthly payment I would like and what extras. Within 1-2 hours he sent me pictures of 3 vehicles with all the stats. I was looking at a used car no more than 2-3 years old with low mileage. Then the next morning I sent him a message asking his opinion on a different make and model all together. Mentioning if any great deals on new cars. He contacted me right away and did know of some deals. Ask if I might like to test drive a couple to make sure it was a good fit for me. We met later that day, I drove the car and fell in love with it. Went inside and he handled everything! The only thing I had to due when he got the price down to fit my budget was say yes. Never again will I go in and try on my own to get the deal. I always have done this alone in the past. When it came time to talk with the finance guy everything was already decided. Pretty much went in sat down and signed on the line. In and out in less than 30 minutes. SO DON’T GO IT ALONE !!! Call Your Car Dog, llc. Your go to man Chuck Morton." - Nancy

 "Chuck is awesome!! I was referred to him by a friend, called him that same day and he was willing to help me. I was in a bind and Chuck was informative, offered several different routes to choose from and was willing to listen to my thought process. Chuck found me the PERFECT car!! I couldn’t be happier and I am so grateful to him for the time and energy he put forth into helping me. I trust Chuck and would ask for his expertise again! Chuck goes the extra mile, has lots of connections, is professional, listens, is patient and has lots of experience. You won’t go wrong working with Chuck.
Thank you again Chuck. I am very grateful!!" - Sally

"Over the past few years, Chuck has assisted us in both buying and selling cars. In both cases we feel he was able to help us make a better deal and streamline the process. We recommend his service to anyone who wants to make a challenging event easier to manage."-Reed


"Chuck was super easy to work with, communication was fast and to the point. The amount he saved me more than paid for his service, all while completely taking the hassle out of the buying process. Will definitely use him again, and would highly recommend!"-Brad


"We needed to swap to a larger SUV and needed guidance and Chuck was a savior. I would suggest him in a heartbear. He saved us $1000 on our trade value alone...his fee was more than worth it by eliminating the hassle and saving time! Great advice and great service."-Robert

"Chuck truly cares about customer service and building relationships. He helped guide me on a purchase of my car two years ago and I will continue to refer him to friends because I know they will be taken care of in all ways! I will never purchase another vehicle without running it by Chuck"-Lance

"I purchased a 2016 Jeep Renegade brand new from Chuck in March 2017. The entire process start to finish was painless and extremely fast and efficient thanks to Chuck. Chuck went above and beyond what I could have asked for and I couldn't  appreciate it more. I will recommend Your Car Dog to anyone I know looking for a good new or used vehicle."-Zach

"Chuck helped us find the perfect convertible when the Kansas City market had limited inventory. He walked us through the process of purchasing a car that was not local, and making sure it was delivered safely for a fair price. Highly, highly recommend!!!"-Rachel