This is Reggie, Chuck's business partner and best friend!

Our Story

Chuck & Reggie's Story

I started selling cars in Kansas City in 1980. 

Over the years, I worked in management positions at dealerships in Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Texas and Oklahoma. Some dealerships sold a few dozen vehicles a month, while others sold several hundred vehicles each month. I also did quite a bit of work as an independent sales trainer for a number of dealerships located in different parts of the country. 

Time marches on, and automotive sales have changed dramatically in many ways since 1980.  But in other ways, they haven't changed at all.

Before the internet, customer's would hear ads on the radio, see ads on T.V. or read ads in the local newspaper and then shop at their neighborhood dealerships.

Then came the internet.  Which now gives consumers the ability to throw a much larger net and get more information before they make a buying decision.  Comparing prices, miles, equipment, vehicle history and general condition on similar vehicles even if they are in a different city or state.

Here is something that has not changed.  I saw this early in my career and it is just as true today...

Two customers buy the same type of vehicle but don't get the same deal.  It was obvious that the customer that got the better deal had more experience negotiating and maybe even some inside information regarding how a dealership operates and what questions to ask. Questions that most customers aren't aware of.

Something else that has never changed...regardless of the skill level of the customer or the location of the dealership. Customers do not like the buying process. Besides vague answers, hidden charges and other frustrating sales techniques, customers have better things to do with their time! 

Some of our clients have called us their personal Car Buyer's Agent. Since we work exclusively for you and never take any type of compensation from a dealership. 

Reggie came along in 2012 and immediately made an impact on the business! He quickly rose to the position of CFO (Chief Furry Officer), is the director of marketing and serves as

 the face of the company.

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