Employee/Member Benefit Program

Gold Key Program

Your Car Dog would like to introduce a program we have designed as a benefit for corporate employees or associations and their families. With their next vehicle purchase, they will enjoy the benefits of saving time, saving money and reducing the frustration associated with buying a vehicle. 

Your Car Dog's goal is to offer a benefit that has no cost to the employer or association. We can help employees, members and their families maneuver through the car buying process. Plain and simple, consumers spend way too much time inside dealerships trying to sift through vague answers and uncover hidden fees. We make the process simple and stress-free.

Walking into a car dealership, most customer's are at a major disadvantage. After all, while you might shop for a car every few years, dealerships sell dozens, if not hundreds of vehicles a month. Not exactly a level playing field. 

It goes far beyond the jokes about car salesman and their tactics. It's actually having to deal with high pressure sales, vague answers and hidden fees. This all adds up to an experience that most people would like to avoid. 

It is our job to provide professional and affordable guidance. Taking away the advantage from the dealerships and give the customer's (your employees) enough information and assistance to make sound financial decisions. 

Interested in our Gold Key Program? You can call us at 913-314-9089 or fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon! 

Gold Key Benefit Program for Businesses and Associations

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